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Guayusa Tea House Featured on Be Simply… Food Alchemy Radio

Join the hostess of Be Simply, ‘She’, and founder of the Guayusa Tea House, Jonathon Miller Weisberger as they explore Guyusa Tea. He will share the history and the benefits of the Guayusa Tea. In addition, he will reveal how by purchasing guaysa tea from the tea house one is assisting with preservation of the […]

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Local Petroglyphs

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Guayusa Tea Now Available in Bellingham, WA

We are proud to announce that Guayuse Tea is now available in Bellingham, Washington in several locations.  Please contact Jerry Rehse for more information: or 360.201.3329.  

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The Rainforest

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The Tea House

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Guayusa Packaging

Our custom labels featuring the fabulous artwork of Don Pablo Amaringo have arrived. It was hard to imagine a label that would do justice to this incredible tea, but by George, I think we’ve got it.

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